Create & send budgets to clients online. 

Tired of having to save countless versions of a budget and not really knowing which is the most updated one? Do you find it frustrating when the  only person with the most recent budget has left the office and has it saved on their desktop? Do you want to produce professional looking budgets easily editable and viewable online? 

Then HQ-LIVE is for you!

Track the sales

you´ve made and forecast the future.

HQ-LIVE provides a visual and accurate overview of how your company, your team or even each individual has performed against their sales goals.

See whats in your pipeline in the future, compare your results against the same time last year, see who your top clients are,  track both your top line and bottomline... the possibilities are many... and the choice is yours.

At the heart of HQ-LIVE is an intuitive CRM system packed with all the features you´d expect from a modern CRM system.

Add comments about your clients, create tasks to remind yourself or others to follow the client up, see which deals you´ve won, pending or even lost, add tags to categorise clients or suppliers as you want or simple just follow the activity feed to get an overview of whats happening across your portfolio. 

Sales & Forecasting simplified. 

HQ simplifies the administration side of sales and forecasting  allowing you and your team more time to focus on the client. 

Easily keep your client and supplier info upto date

Simple pricing, free 14 day trial and no hidden costs!

Tired of using different systems to track your time and your sales? HQ-LIVE has a fully integrated time tracking system. 


Need to track time?

We´ve got you covered. 


299 kr

Nok / per pers / per mnd

No binding

Full access

Unlimited projects

Unlimited contacts

Onboarding? We´re here to help every step of the way. 

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We appreciate the challenges of getting started in a new system – so we are here to help at every step of the way. Use our on-line knowledge base for free – which includes step by step guides and videos, or contact us and we can provide an on-boarding / training workshop for you.